African History goes Public

a joint exhibition project on Namibia's liberation history


Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Klosterberg 23
4051 Basel



Opening hours

Wed-Sun 1pm-6pm


Sun 3pm or on request

"Posters in the Struggle"

Images and audiences in the history of Namibia's liberation - exhibition of the History Department of the University of Basel with collection of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien

Opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 30th May 2006, 6 pm

Exhibition team: Nadja Borer, Helen Gollin, Oona Grauers, Mauro Haldner, Dag Henrichsen, Ludwig Heyne, Luregn Lenggenhager, Enrico Manzanell, Giorgio Miescher, Sophia Mösch, Manuel Raemy, Olivia Schaub, Reto Ulrich, Anna Vögeli, Benedikt Wyss and Marcel Göhring (designer)


Tuesday 30 May, 6 pm

Opening of the exhibition

Thursday 1 June, 6 pm

"Heritage Politics and Nation Building in Post-Colonial Namibia"
(Jeremy Silvester, Museum Association of Namibia, Windhoek)

Thursday 22 June, 6 pm

"Solidarity Movement in Switzerland - Past and Present"
Mit Hans-Ulrich Stauffer (Afrika Komitee Basel), Vreni Schneider (Anti-Apartheid Activist) und Ruedi Küng (Africa correspondent, Radio DRS)

Thursday 29 June, 6 pm

"Posters and Poster Designers - Switzerland, Cuba, Africa"
Mit Richard Frick (Hochschule für Gestaltung, Zürich), Rolf Thalmann (Poster collection Basel), Oliver Vischer (Designer, Basel) und members of the exhibition team

Thursday 6 July, 6 pm

"The Namibian Liberation Struggle - History and Images"
With Namibian historicans and members of the exhibition team

Sunday 9 July, 4 pm