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  • Jovita dos Santos Pinto
  • Maurizio Gaffuri
  • Lou Salomé Heer
  • Ginger Hobi-Ragaz
  • Sandra Nicolodi
  • Jeannette Polin
  • Bettina Stehli


Sources on public collections

Part of the project was devoted to research on the history and theory of collecting. The website provides access to bibliographies and some of the texts that were relevant for the development of the project concept. In historiographical terms, the emphasis on the topic of collecting lies in the early Modern Times.

There is very little literature on the collections in Zürich that were assembled in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Neither have the African collections received much attention up to now.

In comparison to other Swiss cities such as Basel or Neuchatel, where there are significant collections dealing with the history of the missions and a certain degree of awareness for the African continent has developed over the years, the issue never really became a topic of in scientific and public discussions here. On the basis of this different approach, the Zürich African collections, which belong either to the field of science or the world of art, thus provide new perspectives on Switzerland’s relationships to, and interest spheres in, Africa.