• Jovita dos Santos Pinto
  • Maurizio Gaffuri
  • Lou Salomé Heer
  • Ginger Hobi-Ragaz
  • Sandra Nicolodi
  • Jeannette Polin
  • Bettina Stehli


Ordering and exhibiting the world - African collections in Zürich.

The project African Collections in Zürich deals with the relationships between the city of Zürich and Africa on the basis of several scientific collections and one art collection. The collections constitute the material basis upon which knowledge about Africa and African peoples was generated, systematized and popularized.
Our interest is not so much aimed at the single objects, images and plants as such but on the knowledge and classification systems they are embedded in. The systems become evident through the mode in which the collections were stored, classified and documented. Moreover, they define the forms and venues of presentation and contribute to the popularization of distinct images of Africa. Metarchive is not a comprehensive catalogue of all the African collections held in Zürich, instead it creates virtual links between selected pieces from the various collections and places them in a new meaning context.